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Retail Operations in the Digital Age

Flow Retail Planning creates a seamless experience to-and-through each stage of the supply chain ensuring that the entire retail channel is a natural extension of the brand. Retailers working with their stakeholder partners can accelerate and optimize the entire customer journey by linking their IT solutions and by automating sales, marketing, and fulfillment processes. Thus, resulting in higher revenue, faster velocity between each process, and higher efficiency due to reduction in complexity, on both the demand and the supply sides of the supply chain. Retailers need to create an edge over their competition and the “Flow” process provides the platform through definition and mapping of each stage of the end-to-end processes. Flow Planning identifies each of the touch point’s retailers and their strategic partners utilize throughout the “end-to-end process” or from “design-to-delivery” to expand their business, layer on new opportunities, and partners, and ultimately optimize sales.

This paper addresses how “Flow Planning” works, how it changes the operations of retail in the digital age and how new and/or revised practices such as each picking are required best practices for order fulfillment.

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MonarchFx Names James Herman Senior Vice President, Business Development

Herman brings over 30 years of experience as a sales and marketing executive

Jim Tompkins, Chairman and CEO, MonarchFx is pleased to announce James Herman has been appointed as Senior Vice President, Business Development, MonarchFx.

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Are Grocers Ready for Multichannel Fulfillment?

As the world continues to move online, how we shop for our groceries also is changing.

Already two years ago, online grocery shopping studies found that one-third of primary grocery shoppers had bought groceries online within the past year, and that this trend was extending across all age groups. Brick Meets Click, a retail consultancy, surveyed U.S. consumers and reported that 1 in 5 of these shoppers was now an active user of online grocery services, and that these shoppers spend an average of 16 percent of their weekly grocery dollars online.

Food Fight: Discovering Eight Truths of the New Era of Retail
The acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon is discussed throughout the paper to illustrate not only where grocery is headed, but even more importantly, where retail is headed today.