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The product category of “Furniture and Home & Office Furnishings” is expanding in eCommerce at a rate comparable to other consumer product demands.

The ordering of these products online has grown significantly over the past seven years. Some of the leading companies in this category, for example, are experiencing online orders at 50% or more of total sales. And, Wayfair – the Furniture eCommerce company – is growing at high rates, taking market share from many brick-and-mortar retailers as well as manufacturers.

The Furniture and Home & Office Furnishings industry overall is experiencing high costs of Product Distribution. Products are mainly sourced internationally, are packaged in multiple ways (ranging from parcels and cartons, to oversized), stored in Regional Hub facilities, and often require “White-Glove Deliveries” – all of which add costs.

Final delivery of products is very important to all companies. The home and office delivery process is characterized with several unique challenges for cost and speed, including:

  • Preparing certain products for delivery (deluxe, boxing, wrapping, etc.)
  • Installation inside the home and office (deluxing, un-boxing, unwrapping, removal of old items, etc.)
  • Delivery appointments, contacts, and follow-ups
  • Big box final deliveries
  • High costs of storage (warehousing)
  • Refusal of service, returns, accidents, etc.
  • Reliability and capacity of specialized carriers

Companies use the “stick rate” as their measure of perfect deliveries. It is not uncommon for this rate (which includes cost and time targets) to be as low as 50%. MonarchFf understands these issues, and provides companies with lower cost distribution and faster deliveries.

The MonarchFf business model is built on sharing and collaboration. By providing Fulfillment Centers (FC) closer to consumers; with multi-tenant occupancy, and built-in efficiencies; and shared delivery carriers, MonarchFf will enable the Furniture and Home & Office Furnishings companies to better compete on costs and speed to market, and avoid the risks of product data breaches or uses.

This alternative to Amazon, and sharing of Distribution, which reduces your costs, will allow industry Retailers and Manufacturers to make more use of online ordering and help protect your businesses from further disruption.