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Supply chains have become more complex and customer expectations continue to rise. To remain competitive, shippers must respond swiftly and have the flexibility to adjust as needed. As a result, shippers are increasingly turning to Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to implement new solutions.

A 3PL operating model provides needed logistics capabilities that are important during times of business disruptions and economic uncertainty. 3PL operators, because of their experience, can implement and ramp up new operations faster than a shipper can achieve individually. Rather than struggling to find the talent and skills required to implement and operate new fulfillment operations, shippers who utilize 3PL for operations become experts at relationship management. You can rely on your partners to provide needed operations expertise, thus leaving more time to focus on customers and their ever increasing expectations.

The capability of 3PL in the MonarchFx network to manage operations leapfrogs traditional 3PL operations. This comprehensive offering provides a breadth of services that are available; not only in one location, but in a connected network that brings the best of both worlds. This provides solutions that are customized for you and access to shared services delivered through best-in-class processes and technology. Resulting in a higher level of operational efficiency provides a competitive advantage to MonarchFx members.

But how is this possible? Here are three key advantages that differentiate MonarchFx operations from traditional 3PL operations:

Experience: MonarchFx combines years of experience from leading 3PL to offer the most up-to-date methods and tools to quickly evaluate, recommend, and implement the operational solution that best matches your business and applies processing methods geared to maximize product availability and minimize order processing time. Members and their customers benefit to provide industry leading order cycle times.

Access to Talent: Having the right leadership, management, support staff, and operations associates to manage your business through the peaks and valleys of shipping schedules is critical. The MonarchFx operations model leverages the most efficient technology on the market today that reduces reliance on “tribal knowledge”, enables rapid training and on boarding of new associates, and provides valuable data that allows for efficient planning and staffing. These methods and tools combined with focused and innovative recruiting, on boarding, training, and retention practices are utilized across the network making MonarchFx 3PL the employers of choice for industry professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo of traditional third party operations.

Scale: MonarchFx’s 3PL operators have the ability to scale services to scale and grow as membership grows. Consider the airline industry that has been sharing assets (airplanes and technology systems) for more than twenty years. MonarchFx’s shared technology model means that shippers have access to industry leading solutions at a fraction of the cost they would pay as an individual owner. In logistics, scale counts. MonarchFx’s connected 3PL operators deliver.