Download the PDF The FC Operations and Design aspect of MonarchFx covers the operational process, Material Handling Equipment (MHE), and the Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) in the facilities of the future for eCommerce.
The design of the operations, MHE, and WES for MonarchFx is based on the following criteria:
  • To allow customers a higher throughput rate and capacity at a lower unit cost for eCommerce through more sophisticated MHE than the traditional “batch pick to cart” method deployed in most 3PL and retail environments
  • To improve the order cycle times, accuracy, tracking of orders, and overall order fulfillment and the information process, flow, performance, and effectiveness
  • To allow customers to ramp up for peak periods (critical for eCommerce) effectively at a low cost
  • To provide operations and systems that are rapidly implementable to quickly meet customer requirements
  • To provide operations and systems that are flexible for a variety of customers, products, order profiles, and volumes
  • To provide operations and systems that are modular and scalable for customers as business requirements and volumes increase
  • To allow a FC operated by a 3PL to leverage the operations and systems to accommodate a large customer, or a several smaller customers in the same MHE system
Position member 3PLs to use the design as a marketing and sales tool to gain market share by providing greater value, reduced costs, better service, higher performance, and more capabilities