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MonarchFx is offering an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration. For many U.S. sellers, supply chain reinvention is no longer a question of cost and efficiency; it is a matter of corporate survival. Joining MonarchFx is a chance to participate in a transformative business model. MonarchFx is uniquely bringing together stakeholders creating an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration. Our tools and framework enable proactive innovation, driving at-scale improvements by coordinating and sharing sustainability solutions.

As retail sales migrate from traditional stores to the online channel, consumer’s access to information becomes greater and switching costs become lower. The result is massive consumer empowerment. Uni-channel (delivering products to customers with a completely unified experience) shoppers are the new reality. Today’s retail success is all about connecting with your customer and giving them a seamless path-to-purchase that they expect driving retail conversion in any channel, to meet the demands of the consumer. No other aspect of supply chain optimization has had a greater impact on business profitability.

This has resulted in the biggest challenge sellers’ face when trying to enable uni-channel, thinking that they can do on their own. The reality is that to get it right from order processing to delivering the product to the consumer’s door, takes 17 to 21 steps, each step must be done correctly to meet the consumers’ expectations. It is vital to find the right partner, who can ensure uni-channel success in today’s fast paced world where the consumer is demanding more.

How can sellers compete? The major point of focus is to review how orders are being fulfilled as shipping costs represent 6% to 15% (or sometimes even higher) of an orders’ gross merchandise value. Fulfilling from a fulfillment center provides huge economies of scale, but many sellers fulfill the entire country with a single fulfillment center, which only works within a centralized location. Impacting this further is the technology platform that is being used to manage enterprise fulfillment inventory, which often does not have the flexibility to know if an item should be shipped from a fulfillment center, drop shipped, or fulfilled from a store.

Faced with the pressures on business, where the focus needs to be on consumer service and most importantly their product offering, no seller has the capital to create a competing infrastructure, or would have the volumes to operate effectively, even if they could. A collaborative logistics platform, MonarchFx represents the only viable solution with costs that are stabilized through greater efficiency and economies of scale, supported by a planning solution that enables transparent, flexible, and real time analytics to service customer demands. MonarchFx’s platform has been designed to improve service levels and gain capacity when and where the seller needs to be supported.

MonarchFx offers the solution to this conundrum seamlessly, providing a neutral independent platform solution for companies navigating “Digital Transformation and Reinvention.” MonarchFx provides an opportunity for companies to:

  • Focus on their sales channel growth with secure knowledge that customer service expectations will be met.
  • Achieve immediate cost reductions for logistics services, as collaboration of shared services drives costs down.
  • Gain insight into “The Future State” of distribution and fulfillment solutions being developed.
  • Be part of the creation of the leading logistics ecosystem in the U.S.
  • Deliver incentives for program development enhancing analytics being driven by the MonarchFx Alliance.
  • Input into future state delivery options to meet the needs of the connected consumer.
  • Provide a secure platform for control of proprietary information.
  • Enable “Best-In-Class” logistics services on a compelling scale.
  • Enable a transparent, flexible platform to meet the needs of the business as the digital channel continues to dominate with exponential growth.
  • Use the MonarchFx technology platform, members can focus on accelerating their own innovation and technology touch points.
  • Offer reduced risk due to one transparent version of the truth being executed throughout their business.
  • Increase competitiveness through new innovation and cost improvements for margin gain.
  • Reduce the need for CapEx.
  • Engagement with a diverse field of stakeholders.
  • Fully retain and control brand equity and customer relationships.
  • Be recognized as a leader in shared services, which ultimately has a positive impact on the environment and sustainability initiatives.