MonarchFa - July 2017
No product category has been impacted more broadly and more deeply by eCommerce, in particular by marketplaces and digital native e-tailers, than apparel and footwear. read more
MonarchFx - July 2017
Let me get straight to the point: As expected, Prime Day was a big deal for Amazon, but the biggest day of 2017 for the retail giant was June 16th – the day of the now-infamous Whole Foods buyout. By now, most are familiar with this story, however, many are not aware that we are witnessing a critical “Food Fight” in the grocery world. read more
MonarchFx - May 2017
Our learning over 5 years through the evolution on MonarchFx has been great. Four areas of learning that have a significant impact on MonarchFx operations are: perspective, pilots, Role of MonarchFx and staffing. In addition to supporting Monarch’s progress, these four may very well be helpful to you. read more
MonarchFx - March 2017
First Quarter of 2017 is almost over, and during this time we continue to identify the amazing trends shaping the overall retail industry throughout 2017 and beyond. read more
MonarchFx - December 2016
This month's newsletter follows along with the recently released articles Compete or Collaborate, What's in a Name: The MonarchFx Alliance, and What is a Brand? read more
MonarchFx - November 2016
There is so much going on with the evolution of The MonarchFx Alliance that I could easily write a ten page introduction to this newsletter's inaugural edition of our monthly newsletter. But I was told, "You need to be concise and to the point." Well, not my strong suit, but here is my best shot at the Top Ten MonarchFx News Headlines ... read more